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The best experience in the Wine regions of Portugal

We provide a more comfortable and personal way to travel for a demanding clientele that expects exclusivity with special services and unique experiences. “We Take You There” is a VIP travel concept in which we tailor the itinerary and services for each client based on their expectations.

We serve you with the utmost attention to detail and will adapt the experiences we offer to each client demand.

With a private guide

We take you through unique journeys, all over the rich North of Portugal, by the mountains of the Center, or until the unique landscape of Alentejo.

We provide a guide and driver service, carefully selected in a way that you can live a truly unique experience.

The best of Portugal


The art of welcoming

With us you are guaranteed to have a unique experience. We have personally conducted these journeys to create close partnerships with our wine and food friends, as they are not just business partners. Our wine visits and meals are personal and never scheduled with other groups. We will take you to get acquainted with the best wines, on the best vineyard estates, all in an exclusive and fully customized program. In many cases these are tightly run family operations, allowing for the ultimate in regards to intimate and deep interaction with the family members that also grow the vines and make the wines.

A complete wine experience

A range of regions to discover


The Oldest DOC wine region in the world

The Douro Valley is one of the oldest wine producing regions in the world. Ancient records note that wine has been made here for over 2,000 years. Many of the terrace walls that line the beautiful slopes of the Douro date back centuries. Some of the best table wines in the world, not just in Portugal, are produced here. It has the highest proportion of top wine producers here in all of Portugal, given its density of ancient vineyard sites and its long tradition of wine making. It is also here in the 18th century that Port Wine was born, the wine that made Portugal world famous. Its beauty and charm, and historical significance were forever cemented in the eyes of the world when it was granted “UNESCO World Heritage Site” status in 2001.

Travel along hidden roads, along magic hillsides, where the work between man and nature meet in a unique landscape in the World. Relax and taste unique wines in a voyage of the senses.


Unique in the world

The terroir influence of the Atlantic climate, with its cool and wet winters, temperate and fresh summers, make the Northwest region of Portugal a demarcated region that produces unique wines, which are notable for their elegance, complexity and freshness. The Vinho Verde wines come in many styles and are a perfect accompaniment to the best gastronomy that Portugal can offer from the sea. We will get you acquainted with the finest Vinho Verde vineyards and wine producers.

Many of them endowed with century old manor-houses, where the wine is produced with the knowledge of the past married with the best of modern viti and viniculture. It is our mission to share these special wonders with our clients

With a classic experience

Go back in time and come with us to explore the history, gastronomy, culture, people and landscapes of the Vinho Verde region in a classic car, with guide / driver

Embark on a story and enjoy the experience in one of the beautiful models we have:
Rolls Royce 1958, Ford A 1930, Cadillac Fleetwood 1963, MG MGB 1976, Citroen ID 19 1968,
Citroen 11BL 1947, VW Pão de Forma 1977 among others...


Dry and warm landscapes 

The dry and warm landscapes of Alentejo, known for centuries for cork production, also gives us deep and strongly flavored wines with a velvety and plush sensibility. Landscapes where the land is longer and the sky is further and the culture remains mostly unchanged from days gone by.

Get to know the South of Portugal, where the vineyards intersect with traditions and legends of enchanted Moors and Romans.


The biggest sparling wine region of Portugal

Occupying an area that stretches from the mountains in the east and descends gently to the Atlantic in the west, the costal plains of Bairrada benefit from an extremely favorable climate for the cultivation of cool climate grapes and wines.
The vines are cultivated in small vineyard plots of calcareous clay or sand. These soils and the cooling effect of the Atlantic ocean define the taste and style of Bairrada wines.

One of Portugal's greatest red wines is made here from the Baga grape, a wine that is reminiscent of Barolo's Nebbiolo or Burgundy's Pinot Noir.
Most of Portugal's best sparkling wine production is centered here because of the freshness given from the steady cooling by the Atlantic Ocean fog and breezes that flow unobstructedly to the far eastern parts of the region.


The wine region were Touriga Nacional Varietal was born

The Dao is one of Portugal's oldest wine regions with a rich history of great winemaking.  Portugal's most famous grape and the one with the most international potential, Touriga Nacional, is thought to have originated from the Dao village of Tourigo, not the Douro as most would think.  But it's not all about Touriga, Tinta Franca, Baga and Tolinta Roriz are also grown here successfully.

The white wines from here are serious too and have a style reminiscent of white Burgundy and fine Loire Chenin blanc.  The dominant grape is Encruzado with Gouveia also playing a large role in the many great blended white Dao wines. 

With mainly granite or schistous soils, the "terroir" of this region is heavily influenced by the surrounding mountains which protect the region.  In the west, cooler and rainy weather from the Atlantic are blocked.  While on the east it is protected from the hot and dry winds of Spain.

Miguel Leal and Tom Kobylarz presents


Miguel Leal and Tom Kobylarz

With a combined 20+ years of wine and travel expertise, Miguel Leal and Tom Kobylarz offer customized wine tours of all the wine regions in Portugal for groups of 4-12 persons where we build a tour with only the best and most exclusive wine producers, hotels and restaurants.

We specialize in tours of:
  • The Douro Valley
  • Porto
  • Vinho Verde
  • Dao
  • Bairrada
  • Alentejo

discover the best wines

We can set up a tour to travel the entire country or just one region, your wish is our command if we are given the proper time frame and budget to make it the most unforgettable wine-focused trip you will ever experience in Portugal, Europe's most Beautiful AND Friendly country!
Travell will be in luxury automobiles from new Mercedes cars, vans or mini-bus depending on the size of the group.


While I have my particular tastes, it is yours that matters the most. The goal is to learn from each other so that we can bring you to the best wineries, restaurants and hotels that a given wine region has to offer.  We work with all kinds of palates to match you up with the wines you will love or are excited to discover.  A wine traveler and collector at heart, I was originally a client of Miguel’s but have since become great friends with overlapping skills that we think ensure the best experiences for our guests and clients.

My first visit to Portugal was in 2013 and I have been back almost every year since!  The people of Portugal are some of the friendliest people in the world and will make you feel at home the moment you step off the plane!

The wine bug bit me back when I was living in San Francisco in the early 2000s. I started to take notice of how unique and special wine was culturally there. Napa and Sonoma are an hours drive north, wine was very common in the social fabric as it was so accessible - I immersed myself as much as I could. After migrating back to NYC, I missed my easy trips to wine country so I threw myself into reading about wine and attending tastings to keep learning. I started a successful tasting group, the Hoboken Wine Group. I partnered, organized and executed successful wine events with producers and retailers. I started to make close friends in the wine business. And most importantly I have visited many of the great wine regions around the world in Europe, Africa, and the US – there is no better way to understand a wine than to visit the source of its creation.

I hold a WSET Level 3 certification and recently passed a few parts of the WSET Diploma which will conclude my professional wine studies with a “DW” Diploma in Wines.

In case you miss any information or just want to give us feedback, please feel free to contact us.

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